Episode 15: Speed Up Your Metabolism

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Is weight loss purely a matter of eating less and exercising more? Or are there ways to speed up your metabolism so that you lose more than what you normally would by limiting calories and huffing away in the gym?  If you talk to experts, most (but not all) will agree that yes you can increase your metabolism but most believe that it can only be done using potentially harmful stimulants. But my research has clearly uncovered evidence that you can boost your metabolism and do so without causing harm to yourself.

There is usually a right and a wrong way to do most things and boosting the metabolism is no different. There are lots of synthetic and even natural stimulants that cause your metabolism to increase. The problem is they also cause other things like your heart rate and blood pressure to increase. With heart disease being one of the leading killers today, anything that artificially cranks up your cardiovascular system is likely NOT GOOD! Illicit street drugs like meth and cocaine are in this category of stimulants but so are the recently popularized “fat-burners” like ephedra and PPA. They rev up the metabolism but they also cause hypertension, heart attacks and strokes! Even excess amounts of caffeine, which has recently replaced ephedra and PPA in some popular name brand weight loss drugs, has been shown to potentially increase the heart rate to dangerous levels. Let’s look at ways to speed up your metabolism without potentially putting you in the hospital, shall we!

The analogy of the coal burning power plant is a good one to understand the four ways we can increase our own metabolism. If there is something broken inside the power plant it must be fixed first. There is no way to efficiently and maximally generate energy if the machinery designed to do so is broken. Once everything is repaired you would make sure it is working well. A machine might not be broken but it might be running poorly. Maybe it needs to be oiled or perhaps some loose wires need to be secured in order for the machine to work its best.  Only when all of the machines are working at their peak performance levels can you crank up the lever on power production.  But what if that isn’t enough?  When the power plant is running at full speed and maximum efficiency yet you still need to generate more energy, what do you do?  In that situation the solution is simply to build another power plant which can double your potential energy output.

The metabolism works exactly like an electrical power plant in virtually every way.  In today’s podcast I will discuss the ways you can fix the broken machinery in your metabolism, optimize its function and then crank up the heat of your fat burning furnace. This can be done through the synergistic combination of metabolic nutrients such as EGCG, Hesperidin, Naringin and more. If that’s not enough, I will also show you how it is possible to build an “extra power plant” inside your cells to raise your fat burning ceiling.

This Fat Loss combo package helps you convert fat into energy more efficiently.

1. Thermo-EFx 60 capsules
2. Mito-PQQ™ 60 capsules
3. Mitochondrial NRG™ 120 capsules

The Metabolic Profile provides a view into the body’s metabolic processes and the efficiencies of the metabolism. Identifying metabolic problems with detoxification, nutrient deficiencies, gut imbalance, neurotransmitter breakdown or oxidative stress allows for customized nutritional interventions. Targeted treatment can help optimize the metabolism and lead to improved energy, weight loss and well being.

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