Episode14: Eating Sugar (NOT Fat!) makes you Fat

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When I was in college in my early 20’s maintaining a healthy diet and weight was a struggle. Most of the struggle had to do with the fact that I knew next to nothing about nutrition. I loved the sport of body building so what little “knowledge” I had about nutrition primarily came from the muscle mags. At the time in the 1990’s they were still promoting the bodybuilding diets of the 70’s and 80’s which said to lose body fat you had to eat less fat. PERIOD!  It seemed so logical at the time. Fat makes you fat, protein puts on muscle and carbs give you energy.  But if that were true then why did I feel so bad?  Why did I feel like I needed to sleep constantly? I got plenty of sleep at night and I exercised regularly. Shouldn’t I be energized since I ate all of these energy providing carbohydrates and sugars? And shouldn’t I be lean since I was eating low amounts of dietary fat?  But that wasn’t the case. I could barely stay awake in class even after 8 hours of good sleep the night before and my belly was slowly getting fatter!

No matter how hard I worked out things didn’t get better until I read a bodybuilding book called “The Anabolic Diet” by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale. In his book Dr. Di Pasquale outlined an idea that had never occurred to me: eating sugar (not fat) makes you fat. To understand why you simply have to understand the first step of my Fat Loss Model which was discussed in Episode 13. Sugar not only halts the first step (Liberate), it reverses it and causes you to rapidly store body fat.  It does so for three primary reasons: 1- extra sugar means extra calories which will generally help you pack on pounds no matter what type of excess calories you consume. 2- When you have a lot of sugar in your system (from the sugar you have eaten) you will always try to burn that sugar before you will dedicate any energy to burning body fat. Excess sugar is too dangerous to allow it to stick around. And 3- When you eat excess sugar you release a hormone called insulin which is a perfect fat storage hormone. So if you want to become fat, the easiest way is to eat a bunch of excess sugar. You will pack on the fat and feel like crap just like I did when I was a young adult. It is interesting to note that eating fat does not make you release the fat storing hormone insulin. So that is partly why when you switch to a low carb/high fat diet (Atkins, Paleo, etc.) that you can lose body fat.

It’s important to understand that “sugar” refers to more than just added table sugar. Anything that contains starch will quickly turn into sugar after it is ingested. This includes wheat, corn, potatoes, rice and other grains and carbs. So it’s really all carbs (especially refined carbs) that are the culprit. Even fruit juice can cause weight gain due to excess sugar, even though it is natural sugar. Sugar is sugar and all sugar makes it tough to lose weight. But still, some sugars are even worse than others. The worst being the syrups like high fructose corn syrup and agave syrup which is as high or higher in fructose than high fructose corn syrup.  Consumption of any sugars in excess (especially high fructose syrups) can contribute to the development of the destructive disease known as type 2 diabetes. This should be motivation enough to reduce the sugar in your diet because diabetes can make it very difficult to lose weight and will lead to damage (sometimes permanent) to your eyes, kidneys, brain and other important tissues and organs often leading to amputation, heart disease, cancer and premature death.

But it’s never too late to improve your diet and your health and eating foods that are lower in sugar and higher in nutrients is a great place to start. If you are like me or hundreds of my patients, you will probably notice an improvement in your weight as well as better energy and mental clarity within a few short days or weeks of making the change.

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Episode 13: A New Model for Fast Fat Loss

The Fat Loss Model

There is no shortage of programs claiming to have the answers for those who want to lose fat. But what type of program is best for fat loss?  And why do most programs seem to work for some people but not for everyone?

The easiest way to answer that is to look at the processes that happen when you lose fat and then do something to improve those processes.

In my 13 years of professionally studying fat loss as both a student and doctor my greatest discovery is that all fat loss can be broken down into four simple steps. And I do mean ALL fat loss. There is nothing that happens, no matter what diet or exercise program you chose, that causes fat loss for any reason other than these four steps. In short, influence those four steps and you will lose more fat. Neglect one or more of the steps and you might end up putting forth a lot of effort with little fat loss to show for your efforts. It is that simple!

The four steps in the proper order is what I call my Fat Loss Model. Once you understand the four steps of my Fat Loss Model you will not only be able to lose weight but also be able to easily understand why so many “weight loss programs” fail to produce results. Those programs simply neglect one or more of the crucial four steps of fat loss.

The four steps of the fat loss model in order are Liberate, Transport, Convert and Burn.

Think of the four steps like four links in a chain. If three links are made of aluminum but one of the links is made of paper, the chain is not going to be very strong. It will only be as strong as its weakest link which is paper. If you wanted to strengthen the chain, would it make sense to upgrade the aluminum links to high grade steel?  Of course not! The paper link is still the weakest link and the chain will snap under even the tiniest of load.  But this is exactly what many weight loss programs do. They ignore, or fail to acknowledge, the weakest link in your weight loss “chain” and instead continue to reinforce the already strong links. Does “Exercise more and eat less and you will lose weight” sound familiar?  It may work for some, but for you it may not address your weaknesses and therefore may not do you any good.

The Fat Loss Model is a different approach that considers diet and exercise as important steps in fat loss but it recognizes that they are not the only important steps. It aims to identify your weakest link(s) and strengthen them first. Much like replacing the weak paper chain link with an aluminum link would be the easiest way to strengthen the chain, focusing your attention on your metabolic weaknesses is the most efficient way to strengthen your metabolism and help you lose body fat.

We talked about 2 supplements that help convert fat into energy more efficiently:

Mito-PQQ™ and Mitochondrial NRG™.

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Episode 12: Build an Affordable and Effective Fat Burning Home Gym

exercise ball

Lots of reasons to avoid the gym:

Fat Burning Home gym:
Need to be able to do high intensity work on:
upper body pushing muscles
upper body pulling muscles
core muscles

Most good treadmills are $1,000-$1,500
Elliptical machines cost about the same although cheap models do exist.

Neither allow you to properly work your upper body
Neither allow you to do high intensity training
They make a great coat rack!

An effective home gym can be assembled for less than the cost of a good treadmill or elliptical  

Upper body pushing
Push ups- free
Dumbbell presses- adjustable Dumbbells $200-300
Adjustable bench- $50

Upper body pulling
Dumbbell rows
Body weight rows and pull-ups. TRX bands- $200

Step ups
Jump squats
Swing squats
Xiser sprints– $300
Ball against wall squats- exercise ball $20

Xiser core rotations
Side bridge
Back bridge
Slam- forward or to side. Slam ball- $20

Adjustable Dumbbells $200-300
Adjustable Bench- $50
TRX bands- $200
Xiser– $300
Exercise Ball $20
Slam Ball- $20
Total: $790-$890

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Episode 11: Why is Spring the best time to lose weight‏?

Springtime for weight loss

What is the best time of year for you to lose weight?  The answer may be easy- “any time you need to lose weight is the best time to lose weight.”  And I don’t disagree with that sentiment. If you need to lose weight and body fat then why wait? The winter months can make it more difficult to lose weight due to reduced activity levels and possibly even scarcity of certain types of healthy seasonal fruits and vegetables. But if you need to lose weight and it happens to be December 1st, why wait? Why not get a head start on your weight loss journey so that when the warmer weather hits you will will be in full stride, ready to ramp up the physical activity and get in top shape? Makes sense right?

But for others it’s not so easy. The winter months can present to you more challenges than just reduced activity. You may become depressed during the winter due to lack of sunshine and being cooped up inside all of the time. This leads to a lack of motivation and desire to make those first few steps towards change. Or maybe you love the festive atmosphere that surrounds the holidays. Do you attend parties all through November, December and New Years and before you know it you have gained 15 pounds? Face it, fried finger-foods, stuffing and eggnog are not kind to your waistline.  So maybe the winter months are a more difficult time for some to lose weight.  So what is the best time to lose weight?

I contend that the beginning of Spring is the absolute best time to start losing weight for several reasons. First, it is soon to be Spring and there is no better time to start losing weight than the present, especially if “now” presents other advantages over other times of the year.  Second, Spring weather is ideal for being outside. It is not so cold as to prohibit outdoor activities and it is not yet too hot to limit them. And if you begin to ramp up your activities now you will acclimate to the heat as summer approaches. Third, summer bathing suit season is around the corner. There is still time to slim down and get in shape so you can look your best in your light summer clothing. Fourth, Spring has a special energy to it. Everything around you is in re-birth. The grass is coming out of dormancy and turning green again. The trees are budding and leaving out after looking brown and dead and flowers will soon be in bloom. You can embrace the symbolism of starting anew all around you to motivate yourself to also start anew.

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Episode 10: Goal Setting for Faster Weight Loss Part 2

These are the actual things you can do to help you reach your outcome goals:
Eat less
Exercise more
De-stress your life
Take your vitamins
Lift weights

First, Measure (from E1)
•    Weight
•    Body fat/muscle
•    Waist/hip ratio
•    Hydration
•    Metabolic factors (nutrients, thyroid, detox, sugar metabolism, adrenals, etc.)
•    Take pictures

Then make realistic behavior goals
“Eat a protein shake with blueberries for breakfast” NOT “eat better”
“Walk 2 miles before dinner every night” NOT “Exercise more”
“Limit myself to 2 glasses of wine 3 night a week” NOT “Drink less”



Re-measure to see if your behavior changes have led you toward your outcome goals.
•    Are some of your measurements better than before?
•    What if you are not seeing change? This is why measuring is crucial!
•    Realize that some changes might need to happen before others can change
•    Do you have the energy to do more of the things that are working? 80/20 rule
•    What else can you do behaviorally to help facilitate change?

Progress, not perfection.  Any progress is victory!
•    Are you closer to your goal? if so, great!!!
•    Can you make more behavioral changes to help you progress faster?  If not, that’s ok as long as you keep making progress.
•    Remember- the 100 mile walk has to start with the first small step and then the first mile and then the first 10 miles. Eventually you will reach your destination if you keep taking steps toward your goal.

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Episode 9: Goal Setting for Faster Weight Loss Part 1

Without a goal you are without a purpose and without direction.
•    Climbing a mountain-Everest
•    Obtaining a college degree
•    Building a highly successful business
•    Losing 20, 50 or even 100 lbs

Why lose weight? Sticks and carrots.
•    Look better
•    Better performance- sports, work, romantically
•    Feel better- energy, less pain/inflammation, easier to move about
•    Mental outlook
•    Enjoy nature and life
•    Reduced incidence of heart disease
•    Diabetes
•    Joint disease/arthritis
•    High blood pressure
•    Depression
•    Premature death

Outcome goals vs behavioral goals
You can’t actually “do” these things but they are destinations to work toward.
•    lose 15 pounds of fat
•    Gain 25 lbs on my bench press
•    Run a 4.4 second 40
•    Become a doctor
Are these goals realistic?
Did you set a time constraint?
Will you give up before reaching these goals?

While outcome goals are often the motivation behind positive change, they should not be be your primary focus if you want to succeed.

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Episode 8: Healthy Substitutions for Weight Loss


Wheat flour with Almond meal/flour
•    baking
•    pie crusts
•    breading
•    better substitution than rice flour or other starchy flour

Sugar or HFCS with Xylitol or Stevia
•    not AGAVE!
•    honey

Dairy Cream with Coconut Cream
•    good in smoothies
•    tea

Coffee with Green Tea of Ginger/Turmeric tea
•    better sleep
•    digestion
•    nutrients
•    inflammation


Long duration cardio (aerobics) with Burst training and some Heavy lifting

Static Stretching with Full Range of Motion Exercise


Latest “Miracle Nutrients” with Basic Nutrients

“Energy Boosters/drinks” with Customized Nutrients
•    speed

Take a simple test to see if you are deficient in any vital nutrients.

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Episode 7: A Morning Routine to boost your Metabolism‏

Making positive changes in your life can be difficult, even when you know those changes will help you reach your health and weight loss goals. Often if you want to make a change it is difficult to figure out how to implement the change into your life so that it isn’t a burden on your time or energy. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sacrifice some time and energy toward making a change.  A change that could help you lose weight and become a happier person is certainly worth some effort. But there needs to be a balance between effort and results that you can live with. You don’t want to spend hours working on little things that will have very little payoff. There are only so many hours in the day so you need to be wise with your time and your energy so that you get the most benefit from your efforts.
A few years ago a good friend of mine, Dr. Sam Shay (tenpointwellness.com) shared with me a great morning routine that I have expanded upon and followed ever since.  It takes almost no time and very little effort yet the long term benefits of following this simple routine can be amazing. It’s exactly what you should look for- little effort, big payoff!  Some of the benefits include better energy, weight loss, natural hormone balancing, better digestive health and overall well being. Have a listen and enjoy the new benefits of your new 10 step morning routine.

1- Scrape tongue
2- Drink 32 oz water- lemon and sea salt optional
3- Bathroom
4- Burst Training
5- Protein
6- Full Breakfast
7- Brush and floss
8- Oil pull
9- Dry brush skin
10- Shower and have a great day!

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Episode 6: Crush your cravings or they will crush your weight loss dreams!

Studies show that eating too much food, regardless of the type of food, is possibly the single most important factor that causes you to gain weight. Overeating may be even more of a factor than the type and amount of exercise you engage, especially in the short and mid-term. So all of that cardio you have been sweating through could be useless if you continue to eat too much.  And that can be really frustrating to see no results for all of your efforts in the gym!

Often you may eat too much simply because your appetite is out of control. You may have uncontrollable cravings for sugary or fatty foods that add unneeded calories to your diet. Or you might just have a tough time getting full until you have eaten far too much. I’ve experienced this in the past while eating Mexican or Italian food. The bread sticks and lasagna just didn’t seem to satisfy me until it is too late and I had eaten way too much. Of course I later paid the price by feeling overly stuffed and wishing I hadn’t eaten so much. But why couldn’t I sense that I had eaten enough before it was too late?

Whether you have trouble feeling full or you have too many cravings,  you end up eating too many calories (and possibly the wrong types of foods) and this ends up causing you to gain fat. So let’s look at three of my favorite natural tricks that can be done to help you reduce your appetite so that you don’t tend to overeat. These techniques which include a “pre-meal stretch”,  pacing/timing and nutrient boosting can also help curb your cravings for sugary and fatty food which can be the worst cravings when you are trying to lose some weight. If you incorporate these tips to help you eat less, you will be a big step closer to losing those unwanted pounds.

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Episode 5: Learn how to Burn 9 Times more Fat than with Aerobics! 

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training (aka Burst Training) is a form of exercise that helps us burn more fat than aerobic cardio while also allowing us to maintain our lean muscle. Other benefits include cardio vascular fitness, energy, reduced stress, and more. In this podcast Dr. Webster will discuss the other benefits of burst training and will take you through the basics of how you can incorporate burst training and all of its fat burning powers into your daily routine.  You will be surprised how easy it is to switch to a burst training program and how much more you will get out of your exercise program.

Dr. Webster demonstrating burst training on the X-iser.

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