Episode 21: How to Reduce Stress and Lose More Weight‏

reduce stress and lose more weight

Stress is important. Stress prepares you to survive an attack or dangerous situation by increasing the available energy to our arms and legs. This allows you to engage in the “fight or flight” response so you can either fight for your life or run for your life. This is pretty important when someone is trying to hurt you or something is trying to eat you!  Without the stress response your ancestors very well might not have survived the dangerous world in which they had to live.

But today, too much stress can be about as dangerous to your health as the absence of stress would have been to your distance relatives. The way the stress response prepares you for “fight or flight” is by increasing your blood pressure, increasing your blood sugar, increasing your triglycerides, increasing your cholesterol, increasing your heart rate, and increasing the blood flow to your arms and legs. Stress also causes decreased blood flow to your vital organs, decreased muscle tissue, and a decreased ability to relax, sleep, reproduce, digest, absorb nutrients and think critically. In other words, stress causes a bunch of things that we consider unhealthy and decreases a bunch of things that are healthy.

So the key to stress is balance. When you are in danger, you want stress to help save your life. But most of the time you need to try to avoid excess chronic stress, or at least manage your stress levels, if you want to stay healthy.  In this podcast we will discuss the dangers of stress (fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety, more) and how excess stress can make weight loss difficult. We will also discuss several great techniques for reducing and managing chronic stress so that you can improve your overall health and lose unwanted body fat.

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