Episode 19: Our weight loss struggles could be linked to this common material that is in every home

recycled-plastic-bottles by Ian L

Plastics are a regular part of modern life. We drink from plastic bottles and cups. We eat with plastic spoons and forks. We even drive cars that are made more and more of plastic panels and pieces. It’s safe to say that plastic is here to stay. But it is also becoming clear that plastics are also making you fat, or at least making it far more difficult for you to stay lean.

The compound BPA has become one of those new buzz words in health conscious circles. BPA-free plastic products have mistakenly gained a similar reputation to gluten-free baked goods as healthy alternatives to their BPA and gluten laden counterparts. But it’s just not that simple.

In this podcast we will discuss another compound in plastic that seems to be just as bad as BPA when it comes to promoting obesity and metabolic disorders such as diabetes. We will also teach you some of the most important places to avoid exposure to BPA and other harmful compounds found in plastics. Avoiding these compounds could make the difference between being lean and obese.

How to Reduce exposure to BPA, BBP and other toxins in plastic:

1- Store foods in glass or ceramic containers.

2- NEVER heat food in plastic!

3- NEVER EVER microwave food in plastic!

4- Rather than canned foods, choose fresh or frozen options or items in glass jars.

5- If you install new carpet, utilize an air filter that filters fumes or use lots of plants in your home or office.

6- Metabolic profile to test for your toxic levels.

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