Episode 17: 10 ways the grocery store tricks you into buying foods that make you FAT! (continued)

grocery store trickery

Food companies want to sell their products and marketers have figured out a few ways to trick you into buying their food. It’s not all based on deception though. If I were selling nutrient dense kale that has 50% more vitamin C than ordinary kale, I would advertise that fact and you would probably appreciate knowing it. But there are other ways to promote “truths” about a product that might make it appear much more healthy than it really is. And in some cases, you can be fooled into buying a fattening and harmful food all the wile thinking you were doing something good for your body (and waist line).
In this podcast, we will discuss ten common food claims that should make you think twice before buying. A couple of them might really surprise you!

“Made with…….”
“Gluten free”
“Low-fat or fat-free”
“Low calorie”
“All natural” or “Natural flavors”
“Fortified” or “high in…….”
Agave Nectar
Alkaline water

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Intro song: It’s Time by Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Boys
Outro song: Take My Mind Far Away by Joshua James Hunt

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