Episode 20: Improve Digestion and Lose More Weight

improve digestion

Poor digestion can make you miserable. It can leave you bloated after meals and feeling heavy all day long. Those with acid reflux can tell you how painful it can be. And those with diarrhea or constipation will do almost anything to be regular. No doubt the direct symptoms of poor digestion can make you miserable. But digestion can also have a big impact on your metabolism and your ability to lose weight.

Some people don’t produce enough stomach acid and/or digestive enzymes to adequately breakdown their foods. When this happens you are unable to absorb all of the important nutrients that drive your metabolism. You might feel low energy and eventually start to gain weight if you don’t produce enough digestive “juices” to properly digest your food. And contrary to what you might have heard, those who produce too little stomach acid often experience heartburn or acid reflux.

Another common digestive issue is dysbiosis, which is a term that refers to an imbalance in the gut bacteria. You are supposed to have between 100-600 trillion beneficial bacteria in your GI tract that do more than just aid in proper digestion. When the bacterial balance gets disturbed (too many bad bacteria and too few good bacteria), this dysbiosis can lead to weak immunity, poor bone health, yeast overgrowth, nutrient deficiencies, insulin resistance and weight gain. In fact, a recent study out of Yale and published in the journal Nature outlines exactly how dysbiosis causes weight gain. We will discuss this new information and how to improve your digestion in this podcast episode.

The Metabolic Profile plus Digestion provides all of the insight into the metabolism as the Metabolic Profile with the addition of antioxidant status and gut bacteria balance.

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